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What is Xenon Light ?
Xenon HID Light is a revolutionary lighting concept that gives 3 times more light at way the energy compare to halogen and improves road safety and comfort driving at night time. The xenon bulb is a micro-discharge bulb filled with a mixture of noble gases including xenon. The bulb has no filament, as it the case with a halogen bulb, but the light arc is created between two electrodes.

What are the advantages of Xenon Light ?
The xenon bulb provides more than twice the amount of light of a halogen bulb. While only consuming half the power (wattage). Therefore, the driver can see more clearly, and the car has more power for other functions. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly, as less power means less fuel consumption. The clear white light produced by the xenon bulb is similar to daylight. Research has shown that this enables driver to concentrate better. Furthermore, this particular light colour reflects the road markings and signs better that conventional lighting. In practical terms, the life span of the bulb is equal to that of the car, which means that bulb need only be replaced in exceptional cases.

Why was Xenon Light developed ?
No less that 60% of all traffic accidents take place in poorly lit conditions. Therefore, lighting greatly contributes to road safety and comfort. It is a fact that the elderly requires more light than the young ( a person aged 60 requires up to ten times more light than a twenty years old)

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